Mount LVM Disk Ubuntu

To mount LVM disk lvm2 package is required.

Just fallow following steps:

Run all command in sudo mode

Install lvm2

$apt-get install lvm2

To know all detected disks details

$fdisk -lu

To conform your detected LVM disks run pvscan


PV /dev/sda2 VG VolGroup00 lvm2 [74.41 GB / 32.00 MB free]
Total: 1 [74.41 GB] / in use: 1 [74.41 GB] / in no VG: 0 [0 ]

To get disks volume groups run vgscan


You may see message like Found volume group VolGroup0 etc…

To activate all volume groups

$vgchange -a y

To scan all disks run lvscan


ACTIVE ‘/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00’ [72.44 GB] inherit
ACTIVE ‘/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol01’ [1.94 GB] inherit

Now you can mount the disc with mount command.


By Sandeep Posted in Linux

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