Facebook Chat Or Messenger Configuration In Pidgin

        Pidgin (formerly named Gaim) is a multi-platform instant messaging client, based on a library named libpurple. Libpurple has support for many commonly used instant messaging protocols, allowing the user to log into various different services from one application.

The number of Pidgin users was estimated to be over 3 million in 2007.[1] Both Pidgin and libpurple are free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Here I will let you know how configure Facebook chat in pidgin

  • Go to Accounts, select Manage Accounts
  • Select Basic tab
  • Update the following settings
  1. Protocol: XXMP
  2. UserName: Enter your user name
  3. Domain: chat.facebook.com
  4. Resource: Pidgin
  5. Password: Enter your password
  6. Local alias: Enter your name(as you wish, need not match with username)
  • Now got to Advanced Tab
  1. Connection Security: Required Encryption 
  2. Enable option Allow plain text authentication over unencrypted streams
  3. Connect port: 5222
  4. Connect server: chat.facebook.com
  5. File transfer proxies: proxy.eu.jabber.org
  6. Enable Show Custom Smileys
  7. In older versions of pidgin both disable Require SSL/TLS and Force old (port 5223) SSL
  • Go to Proxy tab and change proxy type to No Proxy 

After finishing all above set of configurations you can access facebook chat from Pidgin 🙂


By Sandeep Posted in Linux

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