Mount ntfs partition in Linux/Ubuntu with read/write permissions

By using ntfs-3g module you can mount ntfs partitions in linux/ubuntu.

First you need to install ntfs-3g with following command.

$ sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g (this is in ubuntu)

Then find ntfs partitions with sudo fdisk -l command.

Now open /etc/fstab with any text editor.

For example if you find /dev/sda1 as ntfs partition add following line in your /etc/fstab at bottom.

/dev/sda1      /media/temp  ntfs-3g         defaults,locale=en_US.utf8      0       0

Where /dev/sda1 is ntfs partition and /media/temp is the mount point for your partition. Depends on your requirement you can change the both values. After adding above line save /etc/fstab and exit.

Now create the directory temp with mkdir /media/temp.

Finally you can mount the partition with command  mount /media/temp command, now the disk is ready to access form you linux/ubuntu operating system.

This procedure will auto mount your ntfs partition after switching on your laptop or PC. So you no need to mount manually every time.



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