Ubuntu/Windows 7 wireless disabled by hardware switch in Lenovo S10-3

Recently I struggled for a week to enable wireless my netbook.

The issue is wireless disabled by hardware switch even though I switched it on.

At last I got to know  the reason for this problem is function keys are disabled in the hardware, so it unable to detect the wireless and showing the message as wireless disabled by hardware switch.

To fix this issue I used Windows 7 OS. For lenovo S10-3 there is driver software with name Power Management or Lenovo Energy Management, just download an install it. Until you install this drivers the function keys are by default disabled.

After installing the drivers just press fn+F5 to enable wireless, and there select the option ON. It will enable wireless.

Until you do this even in windows wireless wont work.

Now just reboot into Ubuntu and check for wireless and it should work.





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