Best alternative for wget

wget is a command line program that retrieves content from web-servers.
wget is easy to use, but the big disadvantage with wget is there is no resume option.
Most of times when we are downloading a big file because of network problems it may get timed out.
If we use wget we need to download it again from starting, since there is no resume option with wget.

I got to know a good command line program from one my friend called aria2.
The big advantages of aria2 are:

  • Aria2 has resume option.
  • Aria2 is a multi-threaded program.

How to install aria2 Ubuntu/Debian:

$ sudo apt-get install aria2

Usage examples of aria2:

Always use -c option while downloading with aria2, that won’t download the content which is already downloaded.

We can get best out of aria2 when we are trying to download very big files like iso.



3 comments on “Best alternative for wget

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  2. We can resume download using wget. If you want to resume type wget file url (you can use different url than before for same file. In case sites like mediafire gives temp url you have to get new one when your ip chages.) after url just type -c It will resume download. I know I am commenting too late but option was avilable when you wrote this post.

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