The command that impressed and made me learn Linux

When I am new to Linux approximately three and half years back while I am trying to learn some basic commands I got to know about a single letter command called w.

What is command w:

Simply to say w is to show who is logged on and what they are doing, i.e, it will give rough summery of number of users logged on in your machine,  when the logged in, from which ip they logged in, and etc…

This command will helps system administrators to get quick summery of usage.


$ w


username tty7 :0 06Jan12 25days 11:04m 4.60s gnome-session
username pts/0 :0.0 06Jan12 0.00s 6.77s 0.03s w
username pts/1 :0.0 25Jan12 4days 0.46s 0.04s python
username pts/2 :0.0 Mon16 22:44m 0.60s 0.00s bash
username pts/3 :0.0 09Jan12 39:02m 0.50s 0.50s bash
username pts/4 :0.0 09Jan12 6days 0.35s 0.35s bash
username pts/5 :0.0 Fri11 4days 0.44s 0.44s bash
username pts/6 :0.0 Mon17 22:42m 0.38s 0.00s bash
username pts/7 :0.0 25Jan12 4days 0.37s 0.37s bash
username pts/8 :0.0 Fri17 8:15 0.48s 0.00s bash
username pts/9 :0.0 11Jan12 15days 2.46s 2.46s bash
username pts/10 :0.0 12Jan12 13days 6.43s 6.43s bash
username pts/11 :0.0 11Jan12 6days 0.86s 0.86s bash
username pts/13 :0.0 Mon11 8:13 4.14s 0.00s bash



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