Ping and Traceroute with single command – mtr

In general we do use traceroute to print the route packets take to network host, and ping to send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts as independent command.

There is a command called mtr (Matt’s Traceoute) which is combination of ping and tracerout commands.

Functionally mtr command works as both functionalities ping and tracerout.

mtr is an application you can use to do a repeated traceroute in real time; it dynamically shows the round-trip time to reach each hop along the traceroute path.


To view repeated traceroute:

$ mtr

To get report  the route and connection quality of traffic to the destination host use following command:

$ mtr --report

We can also use ip address to get report:

$ mtr --report 

Use your ip address instead of to get report.



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