Wake On LAN with powerwake


Power wake is another tool to weak up sleeping machine remotely.

According to man page of powerwake “it is smart utilty for remotely waking sleeping systems”.

To use powerwake the motherboard should support Wake-On-LAN and it should be enabled in the BIOS.

Wake-on-LAN is platform-independent, any application that sends “magic packets” can wake up computers from shutdown state (as long mains power is not off and LAN is not disconnected) regardless of the OS it boots into afterwards.

Installing powerwake in Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install powerwake

To test powerwake get remote machines mac address in which Wake On LAN is enabled and run following command from other machine in which powerwake installed:

$ powerwake <mac-address of remote server>

$ powerwake aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

Above command will send magic packet and it will wakeup the remote server within couple of minutes.



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